Masks can also make you beautiful


With the popularity of haze, more and more "modeling emperor" was born. In the thick haze, a man walking across the street looked like an actor coming back from the scene of a big disaster. A variety of disinfection masks like masks have become a burden on people in many aspects, not only the weight, but also beauty.

One, appearance level is very important

Although most of us don't live by our faces, the role of appearance in one's life is well known. The sajiao with a high level of appearance is called "cute", while the sajiao with a low level of appearance is called "disgusting"; Appearance of a high level of wear a home to go out is temperament, appearance of a low level of wear home to go out is called "slovenly"... Full of malice, but also can not blame anyone, because the ancestors have long given a full and reasonable explanation - "the heart of beauty", "food and sex also".

Chinese people like hazy beauty, and everyone likes the feeling of "half-veiled". The appeal of half-covering is often greater than that of full exposure, and wearing a mask can do the same. Wearing a mask can hide two thirds of a person's face, leaving only flickering eyes to speak outside, eyes are the window of the soul ah. According to the survey, many people think they look better with a mask on.

Not only is the level of appearance of a person important, the level of appearance of a mask is also important. Even if you are as beautiful as Brigitte Lin, wearing a mask like a pig's nose, how beautiful can you be?

Second, "curative effect" is important

Now masks have become a daily necessity and are closely related to people's life: cleanliness, cold, wind, sandstorm, sun protection, etc., can be seen in all kinds of situations. Of course, the most important occasion is when the smog comes, it is really a big mask on everyone's face, walking in the street, dare not casually say hello, because only by two eyes to identify, the error rate is too high.

Just as the duty of a doctor is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, the duty of a mask is to protect human health. Whatever the mask, "efficacy is important." The mission of the mask is to protect human health, if it does not reach its protective effect, then the meaning of its existence will be lost.

Of course, not all masks can protect us from the smog, you know, 0.5 micron particles or even smaller particles, ordinary masks can not stop them. Only a professional PM2.5 mask can keep them out of the body and protect your health.

Third, set "beauty" and "talent" in a suit

Papi Jiang is a self-proclaimed "beauty and talent woman", and there are many actresses in the entertainment industry, such as Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung, Huang Lei and Audrey Hepburn. All of them were beauties, all of them very talented. Ordinary people can't envy.

Here's another one in the mask world, a combination of beauty and talent that can both make the person wearing a mask beautiful and help us stop the well-known PM2.5, as well as other pollutants like dust, bacteria, pollen and car exhaust that threaten our health. This but classics national standard attestation, but speak with actual strength. This big brand has been caring for health and safety for 20 years. With its own strength, it has created another powerful tool for human life -- PM2.5 protective mask. You will choose it for its beauty, and it will make you more beautiful.