The importance of healthy wearing masks


Don't roll your eyes and say who doesn't know how to be healthy these days! Eat organic fruits and vegetables, focus on quality of life... It's not enough! It is one thing to pay attention to "internal causes", but we also need to guard against "external causes", such as smog! You know, you can't escape the smog by staying indoors. When you look back, how many times have you seen blue skies in the last few years? You have to get out. How to go out to prevent haze infestation? Wear a mask, of course, but also a five-star safety mask, so that we can be healthy for a season.

Only love "white rich beauty" mask

Masks are so common that they were once referred to as "labor insurance" and were issued frequently. But if let it PK haze, or almost. After all, the masks issued as "labor insurance" are mostly made of cotton fabric with thick lining, which makes it difficult to filter out the tiny particles in the air. To deal with smog, we should choose professional masks with national safety certification and anti-dust and anti-bacteria effect, such as electric respirator masks.

Take a minute to pick out the mask that suits you

There are so many kinds of masks that it is bewildering. Learn a few tricks from us and pick out the one that works for you in minutes. Above all, want to judge from colour and smell. Solid-colored, odourless masks are better for your health than flowery printing and dyeing masks. Although they may look beautiful, printing and dyeing masks are rich in chemical fiber, which can irritate the bronchi and may worsen the condition of some asthma patients if they wear them for a long time. In addition, the mask printed on some of the various patterns, will also affect the permeability. Secondly, when wearing a mask, we must remember to choose a mask that can fit the face outline, especially one with the bridge of the nose. It is more comfortable to wear a professional mask.

Comfortable in the end, health in the end!

Whether it is comfortable to wear should be your choice of mask. If you're afraid you don't know the business, ask a professional.

A mask is not always good

Wearing masks correctly can greatly reduce people's chances of getting sick. However, it should be noted that masks, unlike other items, can be worn all the time, at will. Wear mask for a long time, may let nasal mucosa become fragile, destroy the original physiological balance of the nasal cavity. For health, you can wear a mask according to professional advice: wear it for 2 hours a day for 20 consecutive days under normal circumstances, so you can wear it for 40 hours in three months.