Smog is not the only thing that requires masks


Face masks have become the new necessity of life. But people's awareness of wearing masks is still not strong enough. For example, when the smog is gone, many people can't wait to take off their masks. In fact, in addition to the haze days, there are some occasions we need to wear masks, to protect themselves.

1. Masks are needed in hazy weather

The heavy smog was easy to identify, and the air smelled of burning coal, making it hard to open your eyes or breathe. However, in addition to the heavy haze, in fact, the haze and fog similar, it is difficult to distinguish. Simply put, fog is mainly water vapor, haze is mainly pollution particles.

PM2.5 is the airborne particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less. PM2.5 mainly causes damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular system, including irritation of the respiratory tract, cough, difficulty breathing, reduced lung function, aggravation of asthma, chronic bronchitis, non-fatal heart disease, and premature death in patients with cardiopulmonary diseases. The elderly, children and patients with cardiopulmonary diseases are vulnerable groups.

Usually pay attention to the weather forecast, haze days to reduce outdoor activities. It is best to choose a PM2.5 protective mask with multiple protective effects when going out. The first thing after coming back is to wash your face and hands, drink plenty of water and keep your respiratory tract moist. Rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma and other patients should strengthen prevention.

2. It's better to wear a mask in public places such as hospitals

Flu, respiratory infections and other pathogenic bacteria are mainly spread through droplets, a sneeze, droplets can be spread to 3 meters away, cough will also spread the germs. So wearing masks in public is not only a way to protect yourself, but also a way to care for others and prevent the spread of germs.

3. You'd better wear a mask in the dust

I have to say that Beijing has a lot less sandstorms in recent years. I remember seven or eight years ago, when spring came, it was just loess. When I went out for a walk, my hair and clothes were covered with sand.

There are 3 kinds of harmful material in sandstorm weather to harm human body the biggest, namely allergic material, toxic material and bacterium. Dust weather can be inhaled particles increase, it is easy to enter the human respiratory tract, causing a variety of uncomfortable and allergic symptoms. Especially in the diameter of 0.5-5 micron tiny particles can be directly into the bronchial, bronchiole, finally settle in the alveoli, so as to generate strong stimulation to lung tissue, causing bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema and other acute and chronic respiratory diseases, on the basis of the above lesions, the incidence of lung cancer will significantly increase.

In addition, the particles also adsorb a variety of harmful pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, on their surfaces, which greatly increases the chance of the spread of infectious diseases. This kind of weather is also very direct to the eyes, skin harm, mainly for tearing, dry eye disease, dry skin and so on.

Although the dust weather is much less than in previous years, but it has to be against. But now we are not afraid, because we have a professional protective mask - road PM2.5 protective mask, can effectively prevent dust and other harmful substances, effective sterilization, strong antibacterial, protect you and your family health.

It's better to wear a mask for cleaning

Household cleaning is something everyone has to do. It includes dusting, scrubbing and scrubbing. Udo Kazel, a chemist at the German Institute for Food and The Environment, conducted experiments in cleaner rooms and found 135 microbes per gram of dust in the crevices of sofas and 790 per gram of dust in bedding.

Dust is the base camp of pathogenic material, inside often be mixed with parasitic bug egg, mite bug, and bacterium, mould and virus wait for microorganism, still have dysentery bacili, typhoid bacili, cold virus, tuberculosis bacterium, legionella wait for pathogenic microorganism. They live in cracks in the floor, in carpets and sofas, in toilets and sewers, and when they get inside they can cause disease. In particular, people with allergic rhinitis should pay more attention. If there is no necessary personal protection, harmful substances in dust fall on the body or inhaled into the nose, which may easily cause allergies or coughs, or even asthma.

Here I would like to remind you that it is important to choose a large brand of protective respirator for PM2.5. It is better to choose the right one.